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What travelers can do when bad weather strikes
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You're about to set off on a trip and there it sits on the horizon - a hurricane, a snowstorm, a volcanic ash cloud, you name it.  What do you do about those reservations with (or anyone else)?

Here are some tips.  Start by taking a deep breath.

First, pull together all your information.  This includes your flight numbers & times, airline confirmation and ticket numbers, hotel & rental car confirmation numbers, and keep it all together

Then get the phone numbers and web addresses for your travel agent and your airline, hotel, rental car company, etc

Be aware that cancellation and change decisions are made by the airline, hotel, rental car company, etc.  The travel agent is going to abide by the instructions received from the travel supplier.


Cancellation and change decisions can change at any time, depending on how the weather progresses.  So, if you’re told no changes are allowed, that can change.  Typically, in the case of hurricanes, they’re looking for a hurricane warning to be issued.

Suppliers will vary in what they’ll do for travelers.  Airlines may let you rebook with no penalties, cancel with a refund, or give you credits toward a future flight.  Hotels and rental car companies may either refund or issue credit for a future stay.


You can call your travel agent or the airline, hotel or rental car company.  Any of them can help you with your travel issue.  The supplier may send you back to the travel agent to make a change.  If the cancel/change rules aren’t what you’re looking for, don’t give up.


o   For airlines, keep checking the airline’s website for updates.

o   For prepaid hotels and rental cars, check back with your agent daily to see if the policies have been updated.

o   For all types to travel, always change or cancel before your scheduled travel or you risk losing the value of your booking.

And never, ever leave for the airport without calling the airline and re-confirming your flight and your individual reservation.