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Time to think about those Thanksgiving airline tickets
Tags: airfares, blog index, christmas,, thanksgiving

Delta Airlines recently reported that it was cutting 4th quarter flights by 4% to 5%.  The announcement follows American Airlines, which in August started a 4% to 5% reduction in Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday flights.  This week, American told analysts that it would cut its flights by another half a percent in the 4th quarter.

What's the fuss?  Well, the cuts happen to coincide with the end-of-year holiday travel period. And, historically, I recommended many of those days American cited as being the most affordable options for holiday travel.

We'll see how this plays out.  It could mean fewer available seats and higher fares (ps, fares typically go up as the holidays approach).  It's possible that consumers won't bite on higher fares and we'll see some holiday fare sales.  But given the announcements of the past few weeks, I don't think so.

Bottom line - Christmas travelers still have wiggle room but, if you're planning on flying for Thanksgiving, you might want to start checking out the airfares now.  Stay tuned.