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The Travel Ekspert's Holiday Travel Costs Quiz
Tags: blog index, christmas, holiday airfares,, thanksgiving, the travel ekspert

The holidays are almost here, so let's have some fun.  See how you do with my holiday travel costs quiz.  The answers are posted below, so no peeking.

Question 1 - From 2003 to 2011, in which year did we see the lowest national average Thanksgiving airfare?

Question 2 - For the same years, when did we see the most expensive average Thanksgiving airfare?

Question 3 - In what year did we see the cheapest Christmas average airfare?

Question 4 - In what year did we see the most expensive Christmas average airfare?

Question 5 - Over the nine years 2003-2011, in how many years did we see average Christmas airfares top $400?

Question 6 - Over the same nine years, in how many years did we see average Thanksgiving airfares top $400?

Question 7 - For a bag to be considered overweight, how much does it have to weigh?

Question 8 - Are checked-bag fees round-trip or one-way?

Question 9 - True or False: There is a baggage fee for carry-on luggage.

Question 10 - Santa Claus would or would not have to pay baggage fees for all his presents


Question 1 - 2004, $313.

Question 2 - 2011, $407.

Question 3 -  2004, $340.

Question 4 - 2008, $452.

Question 5 - 6, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006.

Question 6 - 1, 2011.

Question 7 - 50 lbs.

Question 8 - Checked-bag fees are charged each way.

Question 9 - False.  As long as the carry-on is within size and weight limits, there is no charge.

Question 10 - What do you think?

Happy Holidays from The Travel Ekspert