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The 12 Ways Of Christmas Travel Saving
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My apologies to the holiday song.

With the average retail Christmas and winter holiday airfare now running a whopping 14% above last year, the last thing travelers want is to get socked with extra fees for ticket changes (up to $150), checked bags (up to $38 each way), oversize bags ($49 and up, each way), and even blankets (up to $8) and wifi (up to $12).

Fact is, with a little pre-planning, travelers can avoid most, if not all of these extra fees.

How do you do that?  Read on - and enjoy.  Happy Holidays from The Travel Ekspert.


The 12 Ways Of Christmas Travel Savings

1. When buying tickets, make sure all names on tickets match up exactly with the IDs that will be provided at the airport.

2. Make sure the dates, times and airports are correct before committing to buy tickets.

3. Check flight status the day before the flight and again before leaving for the airport.

4. Try to get by with a single carry-on bag per passenger.

5. Weigh and measure all bags to make sure they conform to the airline's requirements.

6. Ship presents on ahead instead of taking them on the plane.

7. Better yet, buy online and have the merchant ship to your destination.

8. Bring a snack or eat hearty before the flight.

9. Take along some reading or other entertainment materials.

10. Wear a coat, even if flying to a warm-weather destination (makes a snug blanket or pillow).

11. Take public transportation or have a friend drive you to the airport to avoid the long-term parking fees.

12. Read an airine's extra fee requirements before selecting that airline.