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Hotel Negotiator Wins Best Mobile App
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Priceline's Hotel Negotiator was recently recognized as the Best Mobile App at the Asia Pacific Travel Innovation Awards.  The awards competition focused on companies that promote tourism in the Asia Pacific region.

The app is an indispensable tool for travelers headed to Asia because it offers hotels in cities throughout Asia.  Many of the apps hotel offerings come with discounts of up to 50% over published prices.

Hotel Negotiator comes in two versions - one for Android and one for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.





The Priceline Hotel & Rental Car Negotiator app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store
The Hotel Negotiator app for Android can be downloaded for free from the Android market




Priceline’s Hotel Negotiator® app offers many ways to find and book a great last-minute hotel deal. Key features include:


·         Native navigation. Users of Apple and Android devices will instantly recognize the device-specific native navigational tools (like slides, cards and wheels) that guide them through their Hotel Negotiator shopping and booking experience.


·         Winning Bids recommendations. Choose a city and the Hotel Negotiator app displays multiple recent winning bids made by other customers for hotels in different parts of the city at different star levels.


·         Not in the mood to negotiate? The Hotel Negotiator app also contains an option for browsing’s broad assortment of over 165,000 published-price hotels around the world. 
·         Tonight-Only Deals®. This new feature has been added to the Hotel Negotiator app. When users choose a city, the app will show an exclusive inventory of 3- and 4-star hotels that can be booked for check-in that same night at discounts of up to 35% off published prices.
·         Shake-Down geo-locator-triggered hotel search. Shaking the device establishes the traveler’s location using location-based features and then performs a Winning Bids search for hotels in the surrounding areas.
·         Hotel Radar. Point an iPhone in any direction and the “radar” sweeps the area, finding hotels, distances and prices.