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Hotel Negotiator App is growing again
Tags: blog index, expedia, hotel deals, hotel negotiator, hotel tonight, orbitz, travelocity

If you haven't recently downloaded the free Priceline Negotiator app for iPhone, iPod touch and Android, then it's time to update.  The app just added some major enhancements for booking hotel rooms on the fly.  They are:

Tonight-Only Deals.  This is the hotel service where shows you the actual hotel along with a rate that's been discounted up to 40% or more.  There's no bidding required.  Only thing is, these special rates are for check-in that same night, although you can stay for as many as four nights.  Tonight-Only Deals get posted at 11 a.m. in the time zone where a hotel is located, and can be booked up until 11 p.m.  Tonight-Only Deals are available in 150 locations, making it the largest ultra last minute hotel booking service for mobile devices in the U.S.

Express Deals.'s desktop and laptop customers already know about this service.  You get to see all the amenities, so you know if the hotel has a pool, business center, on-site restaurant.  Many hotels will let you pick the bedding type (ie., two queens, one king).  The discounts can be up to 45% and there's no bidding.  Once you agree to book, you see the name of the hotel and more details.  This is a great service for families who want a deal, but must have a hotel that has certain amenities, like a pool for the kids.

Download the Priceline Negotiator app today and give these new features a try.