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Traveling is Brian’s passion.  Together with his wife and kids, who went on their first family vacations with Mom and Dad at 5 months, he has visited 47 states, Canada, Europe, Asia, Mexico and the Caribbean.  Brian is a veteran cruiser, with almost a dozen under his belt.  His favorite expeditions include a van trip from Edmonton to Anchorage, a photo safari in Yellowstone and a road tour of France.  And he’s just getting started.

Not surprisingly, Brian turned his love of travel into a lifelong occupation.  In the 1980s, he helped Prodigy launch some of the first consumer-friendly online travel services for airline tickets, hotels and cruises.  For several years, he was a syndicated ski writer.  In his 10 years as’s in-house travel expert, Brian has shared his insights and been widely quoted by major industry analysts and travel reporters around the country.  Today, you’ll also find him selecting deals for’s PriceBreakers®, chatting with reporters about the best bargains he’s found – and sharing his tips and observations in this blog. Brian is available for interviews with the media. If you'd like to get in touch, send him a message via the "Contact the Ekspert" link on top.